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    Recommended Reading:

    The Big Picture

    Light The World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift The Planet
    by Marnie L. Pehrson

    “Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet” will expand your view of what’s possible as Light Bearers weave their messages together to herald Christ’s Kingdom to Earth.

    “We live in a time of growing spiritual darkness; but on the flipside, it is also a time of great enlightenment, progress, growth, and healing. As you conquer personal challenges, you may feel called to share your newfound light with others. But that task can feel overwhelming. The truth is, you may be the first to provide the needed illumination for others to experience a similar victory. You’re a pioneer. So if you’ve ever wondered, ‘How can I possibly fulfill the role that seems to be uniquely mine to fill?’ through this book, you will band together with other light-bearing pioneers and find the needed strength and understanding to get the job done.” – Leslie Householder, author of “The Jackrabbit Factor: Portal to Genius”


    Freedom Shift

    FreedomShift : 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny

    by Oliver DeMille
    Americans who are so demonstrably willing to labor and sacrifice for the benefit of their posterity can only allow the destruction of the forms that protect our freedoms if they do not understand what freedom is, nor how to maintain it. A FreedomShift is needed today; and to accomplish it, Oliver DeMille proposes The 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s  destiny. Can it be possible that such a peaceful revolution can be accomplished by three simple choices made by a relative few?


    Tribes: We Need You To Lead UsTribes: We Need You to Lead Us
    by Seth Godin

    A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. For millions of years, humans have been seeking out tribes, be they religious, ethnic, economic, political, or even musical (think of the Deadheads). It’s our nature.

    If you think leadership is for other people, think again—leaders come in surprising packages. All they have in common is the desire to change things, the ability to connect a tribe, and the willingness to lead. If you ignore this opportunity, you risk turning into a “sheepwalker”—someone who fights to protect the status quo at all costs, never asking if obedience is doing you (or your organization) any good. Sheepwalkers don’t do very well these days.


    Your Role

    You're Here for a Reason Discover and Live Your PurposeYou’re Here for a Reason: Discover & Live Your Purpose
    by Marnie L. Pehrson

    Don’t let anything stand in your way. Not worry, not fear, not the adversary and, especially, not your own limiting beliefs about yourself! Marnie shares these lessons about experiencing the true joy that can only be found in a close relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ. We must grow so close, she says, that our life purpose is in sync with what He created us to do. Just as an eagle is happiest when it’s soaring through the air and a horse is happiest when it’s galloping across a field, you are happiest when living the life you were born to!

    Each of the fifty-two wise, honest, and profound lessons is designed to help you discover and live your own unique life of joyful purpose. Used consistently with scripture and prayer, they will indeed fill what Goethe described as the “God-shaped hole” in every human heart.

    “You could open to any page, read for only ten minutes, and come away changed. A delightful and profound handbook for life–filled with wisdom, humor, compassion and just plain good advice. Don’t even consider living the rest of your life until you’ve read this book!” – Kerry Blair, author of “Counting Blessings” www.KerryBlair.com



    Lord, Are You Sure?Lord, Are You Sure?Kindle Version
    by Marnie L. Pehrson

    One of the hardest things for a Christian to understand is what God is up to in his/her life. We go through spiritual highs and lows, have challenges and afflictions, suffer and sometimes succumb to temptation. All of this can seem confusing at times. Isn’t following God supposed to be joyous and froth with continual blessings? On the contrary, the Christian life is hardly a free hopper pass to Disney World. Christian or not, life is difficult, demanding and sometimes downright unfair. But if we can find the meaning in it all, it’s much easier to bear, and we’ll have peace knowing that God knows where He’s taking us and that the journey will all be worth it.

    God works in definite patterns in the lives of His children. Understand God’s methods and how He navigates, and you begin to see what He is trying to teach you. You may think He’s crazy stopping off to see the largest ball of twine, until a piece of that twine comes in handy on a later adventure. Everything He does is for a reason, and that reason is to prepare you for something later down the road. Understanding human nature and also how God disciplines and instructs his children will help you quit questioning His navigation. You’ll begin to relax and let God work His wonder in your life.


    You Can't Fly If You're Still Clutching the DirtYou Can’t Fly If You’re Still Clutching the Dirt:
    How to Stop Worrying and Achieve Your God-Given Potential

    by Marnie L. Pehrson

    Deep down, you know God created you for a reason. He’s told you that you’re a child of God. You’re made in His image, and He has a plan for you. You sense in your heart of hearts that you have wings to fly, but worries, fears, and insecurities drag you down to earth, preventing you from spreading your wings and taking flight. The first steps toward reaching the skies include releasing the worry, learning to relax, and trusting God fully for the “happy ending” you seek. “You Can’t Fly If You’re Still Clutching the Dirt” will teach you how to

    • quit worrying and trust God;
    • easily distinguish between what you control and what God controls;
    • find freedom to focus on the two decisions that are yours to make – What you want and Why you want it.
    • find deliverance from the worry-inducing questions of Who? When? How? and Where?

    Read this book. Find peace. Have joy. Experience unshakable faith and ultimately take flight toward your God-given potential.


    For the Entrepreneur

    Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas Into Income

    True Accounts of Entrepreneurs who Overcame the Odds and Created their Own Profitable Businesses from Scratch! Filled with valuable success tips for the newbie and seasoned entrepreneur alike, “Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income” will inspire you to take the leap of faith and pursue sculpting the business of your dreams. Nineteen entrepreneurs come together to share with you their powerful and life-changing lessons of how to *create prosperity and abundance in life and business

    • uncover wells of creativity

    • define success principles involved in creating your own dream business

    • create that masterful balance between family life and business

    • discover silver linings among storm clouds

    • use adversity as a springboard to financial success

    • discover joy and fulfillment in business and celebrate the amazing coincidences that come from following your heart.

    Find inspiration to fuel your own dreams of owning a profitable business in these transformational and diverse stories of trusting your heart and transforming your ideas into income.


    Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships That Build Your Business

    True Accounts of Entrepreneurs Who Have Tapped into the Power of Leveraging Relationships to Build Their Businesses! Filled with valuable relationship-building tips for the newbie and seasoned entrepreneur alike, Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships that Build Your Business will inspire you to tap into the synergistic power of relationships to catapult your business to the next level. In this transformational book, twenty-five entrepreneurs pull back the curtain to reveal their powerful and life-changing lessons on how to:

    • Create prosperity through partnership.
    • Uncover gems in your current associations.
    • Define success principles involved in joint venturing.
    • Tap into the capital lying dormant within your relationships.
    • Create raving fans out of your clients and customers.
    • Invest in your clients so they invest in you.
    • Build a team that supports and champions your success.

    Discover how to fuel your own dream surrounded by people who support, encourage, and leverage your influence in the global marketplace. It’s time to uncover the profit potential in building the relationships that build your business.