• Light the World


    Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the PlanetPerhaps you’ve felt it . . . that sense that something is coming. Times are changing. The forces of good and evil are becoming increasingly polarized. Yet, there is a spirit of unity growing as well.

    As a planet, we stand at a crossroads. One path leads to darker days. The other leads to freedom and light. Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet details how you can leverage your life experiences and insight to take your place as a Light Bearer in this new age.

    If you’ve felt the call to stand tall, torch in hand, ready to lead others out of darkness and into the light, get ready to:

    • Discover how significant you are in God’s grand design.
    • Climb up to an aerial view where you understand your identity as a Light Bearer and how your past has shaped the greatest treasure you’ll carry into the future.
    • Clarify your message and highlight the transformative power of your story.
    • Maintain a higher frequency regardless of circumstances or naysayers.
    • Join hands with others who are ready to lead the world to a brighter future.

    If after reading the book you decide this vision for lighting the world and creating a Freedom Shift resonates with you, please consider …

    Joining the The Light the World: Destined for Freedom Facebook Group and create quality relationships with other like-minded individuals who are ready to light up the planet and find their way to ultimate freedom.


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