• Generational Freedom. Help Me Find It.

    Light Bearers who are TODAY’s ChangeMakers (those who will not give up on creating positive change in themselves, their family and family line –no matter what) often find themselves realizing they need guidance outside what their own understanding and insight provides.  This song beautifully reflects the yearnings of their hearts.  Maybe this is you.  The good news is that with a humble heart, the answers always come.  When we need solutions, praying with a sincere heart having real intent with faith is Christ brings them to us.

    Freedom from destructive, dead-end generational patterns and beliefs makes room for healthy, productive, life-changing progress.  The way is not always easy, but it IS possible.  Enjoy Help Me Find It by the group Sidewalk Prophets.

    Carolyn Murphy is founder of www.familytreequest.com and co-founder of www.healingyourfamily.com.  She supports, educates and accelerates powerful, principle-centered growth in individuals as she helps them live beyond their history and “victim stories” as they embrace a fully authentic, empowered life.  They come to know that as they are healed, they are perfectly positioned to help heal their family line through the power of their positive influence.  Download your FREE 2-generation Family Tree Chart, when you JOIN THE QUEST to find time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthen yourself and your family in THIS generation at www.familytreequest.com.  To participate in the TODAY’s ChangeMaker Moms community, go to www.facebook.com/todayschangemakers.  To get Family History updates, go to www.facebook.com/familytreegal