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  • Can Your Body Handle Being a Light Bearer?

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    Being a Light Bearer can take a toll on your body. In this video I talk about how channeling a higher frequency message can affect your body. Is your body ready for it? Unfortunately, Whitney Houston’s wasn’t. Here are some tips for avoiding her fate.…
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  • The Energy of Forgiveness

    In this audio, Carolyn Cooper, a gifted energy healing practitioner and creator of the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed MethodTM defines what “energy work” is and how an inability to forgive can actual cause things to lodge in our energy systems and eventually in our bodies.…
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  • Clearing Generational Flaws and Wounds

    In this video Marnie Pehrson interviews Carolyn Cooper about how generational patterns, flaws and wounds can be cleared using the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method(R). For example, financial challenges and depression are often generational issues. The challenges you face may not even be yours… they could be ancestral.…
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