• Be You

  • The Parable of the Photograph

    One of the keys to freedom and joy in life is knowing the truth of who we are. It can be so easy to trust only what we see outside ourselves rather than looking within and to God. Often we identify ourselves solely by what we do and the evidence around us.…
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  • Forgiving Yourself

    Martina MuirMartina Muir, now a wife and mother of four, placed a baby for adoption as a teenager. Her journey from self-harm and depression to becoming an international post-placement speaker and mentor for birth moms is an inspiration for anyone struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.…
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  • The Best Mother Is The One Who Is Free to Be Herself

    Alysia HumphriesAlysia Humphries, Mother of 6 Recently, I was reminded of a memory from my first pregnancy. Perhaps you can relate. I was sitting in our dark, tiny, basement apartment that was our little newlywed nest, on the first birthday I had had since being married, and feeling very alone.…
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