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    • July 13, 2012 in Motherhood

    Letting Go of Motherhood Perfection

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    Denise Webster of AllAboutBecoming.com shares her natural humor and wit in a way every mother can relate to. Her compassion and empathy is evident as she tells humorous stories of motherhood. “We can’t be June Cleaver like we dreamed of being, but we can love our children and help them find their true potential,” she says.…
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  • The Parable of the Photograph

    One of the keys to freedom and joy in life is knowing the truth of who we are. It can be so easy to trust only what we see outside ourselves rather than looking within and to God. Often we identify ourselves solely by what we do and the evidence around us.…
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  • Break Destructive Generational Patterns In Your Family

    Carolyn MurphyRISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something to create positive change). Since lives are changing in THIS generation, it’s time to RISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something to create positive change). In a world of shifting values and all-out assault on individuals and families, despair, despondency, depression and discouragement are running rampant. …
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  • The Best Mother Is The One Who Is Free to Be Herself

    Alysia HumphriesAlysia Humphries, Mother of 6 Recently, I was reminded of a memory from my first pregnancy. Perhaps you can relate. I was sitting in our dark, tiny, basement apartment that was our little newlywed nest, on the first birthday I had had since being married, and feeling very alone.…
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