• Break Destructive Generational Patterns In Your Family

    Carolyn MurphyRISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something to create positive change).

    Since lives are changing in THIS generation, it’s time to RISE (stand up) and SHINE (do something to create positive change). In a world of shifting values and all-out assault on individuals and families, despair, despondency, depression and discouragement are running rampant.  While in the “survival mode” of all-too-busy lives, it’s tempting to throw in the towel and want to quit or escape the realities and responsibilities of the daily grind.  Happy perspectives can be lost and purpose-filled lives can seem muddied by the everyday problems for which no solution seems to be obvious.

    Yet, no matter how discouraged they may be, something calls to the heart of TODAY’s ChangeMakers—Light Bearers who refuse to give up on themselves or their families.  These are people who are willing to BE the catalyst for change that their family line has been waiting for.

    I often say that as we value our history, it becomes clear how we can become our best, most happy and capable selves. We learn which personal character traits contribute to strong, safe, secure family relationships. In contrast, we can see what detracts from and destroys them.  This knowledge helps us develop a healthy concern about contributing positively to the future of our family line.

    Whatever your background, your choices in this generation will affect future generations.  YOU have the opportunity to turn the tide of bickering, contention, divorce, trauma, abuse, addictions, illness, conflict, self-doubt, death of a family member, or other adversity into a bright and beautiful future—in spite of the odds.

    Most of us want to live lives of happiness, contentment, creativity, peace, hope, joy and love.  These results are achieved by learning and applying time-tested, principle-centered solutions that help strengthen individuals and families in THIS generation. What’s important is that you realize, YOU are the one who bridges the gap between your family history and a bright and beautiful future.

    Empowering action steps:

    Just for a moment:

    1. Ask yourself “What do I REALLY want for myself and my family?
    2. Notice what you actively seek and spend time doing. (Do you spend time in mindless activities or do you zero in to find solutions to the things you’d like to see improved—especially in your relationships with yourself and your family members?) and,
    3. Ponder and take action.  What will you choose?  (Out of all the alternatives, I hope you’ll JOIN THE QUEST at www.familytreequest.com.  We are a worldwide movement of people committed to finding specific, time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthening self and family in THIS generation.)

    Instead of being paralyzed by poor relationships and blighted hopes, tap into the power of your positive influence.  Get excited about being part of history-in-the-making and take deliberate steps to maximize your personal growth.

    Carolyn Murphy is founder of www.familytreequest.com and co-founder of www.healingyourfamily.com.  She supports, educates and accelerates powerful, principle-centered growth in individuals as she helps them live beyond their history and “victim stories” as they embrace a fully authentic, empowered life.  They come to know that as they are healed, they are perfectly positioned to help heal their family line through the power of their positive influence.  Download your FREE 2-generation Family Tree Chart, when you JOIN THE QUEST to find time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthen yourself and your family in THIS generation at www.familytreequest.com.