• Healing Heartache in Family Lines: Gleaning Wisdom from the Past

    In any quest, a person must overcome significant challenges.  Sometimes remembering the past to learn from it may seem painful, yet it is an uplifting perspective to keep as we seek to clear away negative generational patterns.

    Have you ever had occasion to look back at your life at times when you were the most challenged, in seemingly insurmountable ways, only to find you learned the most about yourself?  Did you find you could be strong and resilient?  Did you gain the knowledge about yourself that you could, indeed, do difficult things, over and over if necessary?  Did you learn you could be kind during the process of difficulty?  If you were not kind, did you determine that you would like to work on that?  Did you learn that there were unexpected friends along your path to help strengthen you?  Were your eyes open to see the blessings and opportunities along the way, or did you feel blind in the struggle to survive?

    If you were able to conclude that your difficulties were your “teachers”, and using that perspective, found some personal benefit or strength growing out of the pain or trouble, THEN you were able to glean wisdom from the past.  Congratulations!   If you struggle to find your way and need help and support in maintaining a positive momentum, you may find the goals of FamilyTreeQuest helpful in keeping a positive perspective.  Gleaning wisdom from the past is the first of three keys to creating positive generational change.

    1)  Glean Wisdom from the Past (rather than staying stuck in “victim” stories)
    2)  Live Mindfully in the Present (Take charge through conscious choice of your own thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes, values and beliefs.)
    3)  Prepare confidently for the future (Strengthen yourself with time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthening yourself and your family now.)

    Empowering Action Step

    If you seek help and support in maintaining a positive momentum, or need to find a community of people who help each other, heal relationships and grow in spite of challenges, JOIN THE QUEST at www.familytreequest.com.  We are a worldwide movement of people committed to finding specific, time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthening self and family in THIS generation.

    Carolyn Murphy is founder of www.familytreequest.com and co-founder of www.healingyourfamily.com.  She supports, educates and accelerates powerful, principle-centered growth in individuals as she helps them live beyond their history and “victim stories” as they embrace a fully authentic, empowered life.  Download your FREE 2-generation Family Tree Chart, when you JOIN THE QUEST to find time-tested, principle-centered solutions to strengthen yourself and your family in THIS generation at www.familytreequest.com.  To participate in the TODAY’s ChangeMaker Moms community, go to www.facebook.com/todayschangemakers.  To get Family History/Family-centered updates, go to www.facebook.com/familytreegal