• author
    • Marnie Pehrson

    • September 12, 2012 in Music

    A Hero Lies in You

    In almost every pivotal time of my life, a song will find its way to me that sets the tone for the experience or gives me the courage to make it through. It might be a new song that a friend introduces to me, or it might be an old song I hear on the radio. Today, I was in the gym and heard a song I liked that I didn’t recognize. Using the Shazam app on my iphone, I discovered it was Mariah Carey’s “Thank God I Found You.” I went to itunes to purchase it and while there began rummaging through Mariah Carey’s Greatest Hits album.

    In the process I found a song I’ve loved since it originally came out — “Hero.” As I listened to the words, it seemed incredibly appropriate for this time of my life when I’m going through one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced. This song helped me remember that a hero lies within me who can make it through.

    There’s a hero
    If you look inside your heart
    You don’t have to be afraid
    Of what you are
    There’s an answer
    If you reach into your soul
    And the sorrow that you know
    Will melt away

    And then a hero comes along
    With the strength to carry on
    And you cast your fears aside
    And you know you can survive
    So when you feel like hope is gone
    Look inside you and be strong
    And you’ll finally see the truth
    That a hero lies in you

    It’s a long, road
    When you face the world alone
    No one reaches out a hand
    For you to hold
    You can find love
    If you search within yourself
    And the emptiness you felt
    Will disappear


    Lord knows
    Dreams are hard to follow
    But don’t let anyone
    Tear them away
    Hold on
    There will be tomorrow
    In time
    You’ll find the way