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    • Marnie Pehrson

    • June 9, 2012 in Forgive

    The Rippling Effect of Forgivness

    Victoria Fielding

    Victoria Fielding, author of "A Piece of Time"

    Victoria Fielding discusses the power of forgiveness and it’s effect on this life and the next.

    “There were many dancers, many styles of dances, with innumerable dances being performed simultaneously on the stage of life. And who was to say that one dancer was any better than another? No longer did I think it was just my stage. It was everyone’s stage, and we were all just inexperienced dancers bumping up against each other, and—for the most part—trying to get our steps down, and trying to do our best. That was all. And that was enough.” (From A Piece of Time)

    Victoria Fielding, author of A Piece of Time is a mother of six and an educator. She is currently the academic director of a residential treatment center for troubled teens in Utah. It is there that she works with some of the best kids in the world. Victoria has had a life-long career in public and private education, having taught all ages, but mostly high-energy teens (and she still has her sense of humor—amazing!). As a classroom facilitator, she has trained professionals in the use of various software packages. Also, she was the state director for Kaplan, a national test prep company.

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