• Is Your Fear of Losing Freedom Costing You Your Dreams?

    I’m finding that freedom is such a core value for creative entrepreneurs that it not only propels us forward in positive ways, but also the fear of losing freedom will subconsciously cause us to avoid pursuing opportunities, limit business growth and cause us to miss out on synergistic collaborations.

    Example 1: The entrepreneur who feels that partnerships require making concessions and giving up what you want in the name of “compromise” will avoid synergistic partnerships altogether. They spell “control” for him and this conflicts with his core freedom driver.

    Example 2: The entrepreneur who feels that her big idea will generate so much success she won’t have time to set her own schedule or live the way she wants, will sabotage her success because she’s afraid of losing the freedom to do what she wants when she wants and how she wants. (Ironically, this can happen even if the person is currently saddled to a day-job or a trading hours-for-dollars-career. She’ll often continue to sabotage success even if she’s broke and needs money desperately!)

    Example 3: The entrepreneur who has so many ideas that she won’t (or can’t seem to) settle upon one (to fully develop a rich niche) is usually afraid of losing the freedom to pursue all the other ideas. Choosing one idea feels as if you’re sacrificing the others on an altar. In surrendering all those other options, one feels as if she’s tossing away an immense amount of freedom.

    The answer? Get down to the root of what you’re afraid of and find ways to paint a picture of yourself achieving your goals/dreams with increasing levels of freedom. Convince your core need for freedom that you’ll have even more of it on the other side. (Energy work is great for doing this btw).