• author
    • Marnie Pehrson

    • August 18, 2012 in Music

    “Light Up The Sky” – The Afters

    “You are a collection of talents, gifts, and God-given divinity. You’re also a collection of life experiences, traumas, flaws, and human frailties. All these things have come together to make you who you are. You aren’t perfect, and that’s okay. You’re a beautiful creation of God. Along the way you’ve learned some wonderful things—how to overcome trials and challenges. You can be a light to help others cross their wildernesses of darkness.” (From Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet)

    But there are times along our journey when we do not feel very much like a light. We’re often tested on the very thing we’re called to teach others. During those dark moments when we feel as if we’ve fallen backwards, Christ is the Light we can and must lean on to get us through.

    That’s what “Light Up the Sky” by The Afters is about: